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Mar 29, 2008

Not as good, IMHO, as the Allison, but it does work.


ISE has also developed a proven hybrid-electric drive system that "outperforms"??? (Their Claim) competing diesel hybrids. The hybrid system developed by ISE for these buses has several important features, many of which are not available with competing drive systems, including:
Drive System Features Pic

Use of a smaller engines, which helps to reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and noise.
Electrically-driven power steering, braking, and air conditioning accessories, which are more efficient than the engine-driven accessories used in conventional vehicles and competing drive systems, and which allow the engine to be stopped without loss of accessory functionality.
Advanced control system featuring an automatic engine start/stop algorithm, which shuts off the engine every time the vehicle stops. This results in further improvements in fuel economy and emissions.
Advanced nickel sodium chloride Zebra batteries, which carry 50% more energy per unit weight than the batteries used in the Allison drive system and 300% more than those used in the BAE drive system.

These distinctions are in addition to use of Siemens "ELFA" motors, controllers, and generators, which are more proven than the analogous components used in any competing heavy-duty hybrid-electric drive systems.

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