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Apr 5, 2008

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

Energy expert Richard Gilbert believes Hamilton has an opportunity to turn the looming oil shortage into a job creation strategy that could transform the city.

The author of a report suggesting that Hamilton could regain the reputation it once enjoyed as "The Electric City" of Canada, Gilbert thinks the city is well-positioned to be a leader in energy conservation.

The likelihood of a fourfold increase in gasoline and natural gas prices by 2020, he maintains, doesn't need to be as ominous as it appears if the city embraces an imaginative vision to prepare for it.

In what he calls "Hamilton's grand project for the 21st century," Gilbert envisions a city that would boost public transit with light-rail, streetcar or trolley-bus lines, promote energy conservation by retrofitting old buildings, require new ones to be energy efficient, and encourage more solar panels, wind turbines and district heating systems, among other things.

Read the reast of the article. Interesting.

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